Lois Simbach

Artist Lois Simbach.With degrees in textile design and sculpture, and years of designing in the garment industry, Lois Simbach has created wearable 3-D costumes for Mardi Gras Parades, TV advertisements, MTV Videos, Hollywood Films, and of course, your every weekend Theme Parties.

She has fabricated sculpture installations for Mall Interiors, Theatrical Sets, Music Shows, and Outdoor Festivals.

Her collectible “Ju-Ju” VooDoo Fetish Charm Dolls, inspired by the cultural anthropology of New Orleans history, have been an ongoing market success for over 35 years.

In 1989, Lois was honored by being crowned the Queen of the Krewe du Vieux Carre Mardi Gras Parade. “I had a 15 foot “Ju-Ju” Doll on my float, it was a monster !”

Simbach is now concentrating on more painting. She has developed the “Too Hot To Handle” Hot Pad series, with both “Ju-Ju” Doll images and a new “femme en masque” mysterious women theme line…..which we will be selling here at JazzyStuff.

“The “Ju-Ju” Dolls were created as a matter of civic pride. These new paintings are a return to my love of textiles, patterns, and the fantasy fun of costuming,” says Simbach.

Currently Lois is also writing several Coloring StoryBooks and Card Series based on her paintings. They will be coming soon !!

Simbach recently had a solo painting exhibit in North Carolina at the OUTPOST-Marshall Gallery of 4 foot Women Portraits.

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