Donna Lacoste & Phyllis Osborn

portrait of artists: Donna Lacoste & Phyllis Osborn.Phyllis Osborn and Donna Lacoste have been friends since 1984 growing up on the same street in Metairie, LA. They first met in school while working on a craft project.

With a love for all things NOLA and one pottery painting class, their talents became a lucrative business of making New Orleans themed tiles, ornaments, plates, spoon rests and more.

Their first showing was at the Mandeville Trailhead market on Saturday and since then they participate in numerous craft shows all over New Orleans. Phyllis Osborn and Donna Lacoste of PDs

Phyllis is actually legally blind and totally color blind. Donna has always been very patient helping Phyllis pick out the correct colors. They work well as a team from start to finish. And, just like growing up in Metairie, they are raising their families on the same street on the Northshore from NOLA.

Enjoy the whimsical designs from this talented duo and check back often for new products!

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