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Philip Bascle

Philip Bascle was born in Bourg, Louisiana in 1953 and has been competing in and winning art competitions since the second grade. He was one of the first students of a pioneer art program at South Terrebonne High School, where he received 4 yrs of art classes. He graduated from the University of Southwest Louisiana in 1975 with a BFA.

After working for two years at a screen print company in Shreveport, Louisiana, he moved to New Orleans. There he reconnected with his future business partner, and in 1981 helped start Southern Silk Screen.

Over the next 28 years, he helped build Southern to a nationally recognized screen print company which specializes in T-shirt printing.

Some of his clients have included the Girbaud Jeans Co., the Newport Folk Festival, the Saratoga Jazz Fest, The Sara Lee Corporation, and Southern Runner. He has also been designing products for the local and national souvenir market for thirty years.
Philip Bascle

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