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Paulette Lizano

Paulette Lizano, co-owner of Lizano's Glass Haus in Metairie, Louisiana, is a stained glass "architect". Utilizing her Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, she creates unique and innovative works of art with glass as the main medium.

In addition to traditional stained glass techniques, Paulette works with "warm" glass in the form of fusing and slumping in glass kilns. Sandblasting, also referred to as glass carving, is produced by the studio, creating three-dimensional effects on solitary pieces of glass. Painting on glass is also accomplished by firing the pieces at 1500 degrees F in the kiln to produce wonderful life-like representations.

Paulette Lizano

Paulette's parents, Alvaro and Liliana are natives of San Jose, Costa Rica and Tela, Honduras, respectively. They started the business in 1995 and Paulette joined the business to make it a corporate trio.

The one-of-a-kind studio specializes in custom "New Orleans" designs. The love of the Crescent City is visible in works at the studio. They like to work with old cypress framing, windows and transoms to bring them back to life with colored glasses and designs.

Paulette's eye for space and color has been an asset to assist designers, contractors and homebuilders.

Enjoy a piece of Paulette's work with her whimsical blue roof house pins, pendants, magnets and slates.

Lizano Glass
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Check out Paulette's streetcar art titled Perley's Barnyard Party. Paulette contributed her time and expertise to this year-long public art project sponsored by the Young Leadership Council. Her fiberglass streetcar is made up of over 5,274 separate pieces of glass and is currently on display at Canal Place - 365 Canal Place. Proceeds from the silent auction of these sculptures will go to the Downtown Development District to help rebuild the city's theater district at Canal & Basin Streets.