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Pamela Conway Caruso is a native of New Orleans with a BS in Advertising Design. Her first position after graduating was Illustrator at the Tulane University Museum of Natural History. Her job was to produce scientifically accurate pen & ink illustrations of the fishes of Lake Pontchartrain. Some of her fish illustrations later became part of The Smithsonian Institution's Traveling Exhibition Service in the 1980's.

At Tulane, she met and married John Caruso, an ichthyologist. They moved to Pennsylvania for eight years where John worked as a college professor and she did freelance design and illustration for agencies with industrial and medical clients who required technical accuracy
and precision.

After returning to New Orleans, she continued to do freelance work until a disillusionment with
computer-generated art sparked an interest in printmaking.

Pam & John Caruso

Pam's hands-on, mouse-free illustrations are usually whimsical representations of nature related subjects. Individually hand-printed using the intaglio process, with hand-colored detail in watercolors, the prints are the result of delicate drypoint techniques on zinc, copper or plexiglass plates.

Intimate monotype prints based on a lithographic process, but using hand-manipulated paper as the printing plate, are another focus of expression.

Recent works are color-saturated monoprint compositions - sometimes serene, sometimes bold with vibrant colors.

Pam's work is exhibited in local galleries, including the New Orleans School of Glassworks & Printmaking Studio where she offers classes and workshops in the drypoint intaglio & botanical monoprint techniques. She is a member of the Live Oak Graphics Workshop and a volunteer at the New Orleans Museum of Art in the Department of Prints and Drawings.

In addition to drawing from nature, her personal interests include photography, gardening, and a passionate love of dogs, combined with a concern about pet overpopulation and the number of unwanted strays.

Pam Caruso Original Prints

Pamela Conway Caruso