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Lory Lockwood

Lory Lockwood is an artist who specializes in automobile and motorcycle fine art that she paints in a style called Photorealism. This contemporary style exudes a power of obsessive detail that focuses on chrome reflections, bright colors and abstract patterns.

Lockwood's interests range from vintage, exotic and classic autos like Rolls Royce, Bentley and Mercedes Benz to bikes such as Harley Davidson, Gilera and custom choppers. Her exquisitely detailed oil paintings are inspired by visits to Daytona Bike Week, Laguna Seca Historic Races and Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Lory Lockwood

Car and motorcycle enthusiasts can also commission a personalized portrait from Lockwood.

The following are excerpts from a review of her 2007 show, Cultural Icons: "Lory Lockwood is a painter gifted with a chromium touch, an ability to make the arcane art of oil paint on canvas resemble the glossiest product photography imaginable. Her paintings of the sleekest of sports cars and vintage Detroit behemoths restored to more than mint condition represent a multifaceted approach that cuts across the cultural spectrum."

". . .She just waves that chromium wand and distills all that she surveys into the glossiest depictions of exotically machined metal imaginable."

". . .what's beyond dispute is Lockwood's ability to recreate in oils that reflective chrome sizzle -- the mystique of elaborately machined metal, the aura of speed and the visceral excitement it conveys."

About the Prints - In 2004, Lockwood attended a monoprint workshop and studied Xerox transfer methods of printing. Her initial efforts were so well received that she decided to investigate further. Not having access to a print studio, Lockwood researched the new digital process of Giclee printmaking. She figured that with the reasonable investment in a new printer, computer, archival inks and paper, she could start a new business.

Giclee prints, she thought, would enable her, as the artist,to make her work much more widely available to clients. The sizes could be smaller, the prices much less, and more than one person could own an image. And, she would make sure the prints were archival and as such - fine art. They would also be signed and in limited editions.

Lory's Giclee prints became a big success at motorcycle and car events. Lockwood got so interested in the process that she took a little time off from painting to produce several digital collages and also some original photogrphs some of which have been hand-colored. See if you can tell the difference!

The artist is still painting - always will be.

Lory Lockwood Giclee Prints
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