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Joe Kight realized his artistic abilities upon discovering a forgotten piece of wire, and spending months in the Himalayas of India. From there, his creative energy emerged. He recently left a career as a high school teacher to pursue his dreams of creating his magnificent works of art full time.

Leslie Ackel of the News Banner in Covington, Louisiana, says it best with her review published on March 31, 1999, "Joe Kight transforms the elements of art--space, form, line, color--into elegant, exciting three-dimensional
assemblages where the sensuous grace of a curve and the punch of pigment
make for designs that appear to mingle and float, seeking their unique spacial
order. There's a certain kind of humor in his work that's quite obvious, a kind of joyfulness."
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Joe Kight logo
"...Kight's designs, with their bright forms and playful shapes are distillations of his thoughts that surface during calculated manipulation of wire and art board. The expression of his work does not live in the description of the objects, but within the nature of the lines and the placement of the shapes. It's an amazing
combination of skill and imagination."

"Kight believes in the power of positive and negative space, that the surface behind the shape, or the absence of the shape altogether, can be as significant as the shapes themselves. His ideas are solidly set into his creations." Joe says, "I don't want to put limits on myself when I'm working. It's got to be fun."
Joe uses a strong adhesive with stable chemical properties and only high-quality grade art paper and art boards, all acid-free. The paper is painted entirely with Golden acrylic paints. All surfaces are tough, sturdy and durable acrylic.

More work goes into what you don't see rather than what you do see. The support structures of his work needs to be entirely hidden, yet perform a balanced function of beauty and engineering. Joe constructs the frames himself using gloss black on every piece as a trademark. This sets off and frees up the artwork. "I know what I like to look at the most, the shapes and appeal of colors that reflect my own aesthetic...I want to do autographic work...I don't want to sign them. If I need to sign it, I don't want to claim to having done it."
Joe Kight showed his work for one year at Brunner Gallery in Covington, Louisiana, Mish-Pupa Gallery in New Orleans, and at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2000.

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