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Jim Tweedy was born in Covington, Louisiana and learned his craft at an
early age. Schooled by his father, Disney illustrator Byron Tweedy, Jim
earned his degree from the New Orleans Art Institute. His works have ranged from advertising, to jazz and sports art. While all of those subjects
were fun and profitable for him, it's with Charlie the RedCat that Jim
Tweedy has found his alter ego. An image first done as a cartoon spoof of a beloved pet has grown to international prominence.
Jim Tweedy

Charlie the RedCat is as hot as the city where he was born. In a city known for its hot temperatures and spicy food, New Orleans artist Jim Tweedy has created a
HOT cat! Adopted from a local animal shelter, the playful gray tabby continues to be constant inspiration for Jim's artwork. He is full of mischief and adventures, and is forever getting into trouble in Tweedy's studio. One of Charlie's favorite pastimes is watching Jim paint, which can (and frequently does) lead to mishaps. Standing behind the easel watching as Tweedy's brush moves across the canvas is often too much for Charlie to stand--he'll jump at the imaginary creature moving along the canvas and topple the entire painting onto Jim's head. Charlie the RedCat's front paw is tipped in white, which Tweedy says symbolizes Charlie's tendency to have one foot in trouble at all times!
Charlie the RedCat

Charlie the RedCat artwork is available at the Richard Russell Gallery at 641 Royal Street in the French Quarter. You can see more of Charlie the RedCat by visiting his own purr-sonal website at www.charlietheredcat.com.

Jim Tweedy's Aquarium Print