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Don C. Smith

Don C. Smith, painter and sculptor, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on Columbus Day, 1929. (Thus the middle name Christopher).

When Don was about 12 years old, he drew a P-38 (WWII fighter plane) on his school looseleaf binder. When the other kids asked him to draw P-38s on their binders, he knew he was an artist and has been having fun proving it ever since.

His personal influences include Claude Monet and Paul Gauguin, Henry Moore, Dali and even Frank Lloyd Wright. "I can love a Kandinsky abstract or a Rembrandt portrait with equal passion. I'm forever being influenced -- not by any one artist, but by all art."

Don retired from a prominent advertising agency in New Orleans where he was the Art Director. In his forty year career, many things have inspired his works of art. Consistent in all of his work, however, has been the need to record the tranquil beauty of nature.

His current floral subjects evolved from a love of painting as well as sculpting. Don's artistic objective is to convert a two-dimensional surface into a seemingly three-dimensional image. The French call it trompe l'oeil or "fool the eye".

Don had his first one-man exhibit in New Orleans in 1955. Since then he has exhibited in Chicago, Phoenix, Lexington, KY, Houston, Santa Fe and Mexico. These exhibits covered a range of mediums and subject matter -- from watercolor to bronze and from thoroughbred horses to gardens.

His one-man exhibit of floral paintings at the New Orleans Museum of Art has been his most recent major exhibition.

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