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Crystal Obeidzinski

Crystal Obeidzinski is a New Orleans artist who has been painting since she was about six years old.

She enjoys mixed media, which includes things such as her own photography, magazine clippings, newspaper clippings, menus, print outs, candy wrappers, etc., all collaged in her paintings. She then adds a fun abstract layer of more collaging with different applications of paint.

She tries to stretch what the paint can do by applying different textures and experimenting with the "brush" strokes. (She believes anything that will apply the paint can be considered a "brush").

Within this abstract layer, Crystal will also paint more realistic images that are hidden within the painting, and some that are much more apparent as to draw the view's eye to certain focal points in the painting and be forced to discover the others.

Crystal Obeidzinski

All of this "party in a painting" as she's been quoted describing her work, is completed on very old and recycled doors. She cuts them up as she gets inspired with what she might paint on them.

This process has developed greatly over the last three years, but she still remains with the same concept that she swears by, "Always trust your intuitive mark, afterall, it is just paint."

NOLA Trio Painting by Crystal Obeidzinksi

Art by Crystal
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