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Chamain O'Mahony was born and raised in the Greater New Orleans area. She just recently began painting for fun and relaxation using her very own kitty as her sometimes reluctant
model. Chamain's love for animals, coupled with her love for the city of New Orleans, resulted in a series of paintings depicting Creole Cat at various local haunts throughout the city.

Chamain received her B.S. from Tulane University, her M.B.A. from Emory University, and her CPA from Louisiana State University. After Hurricane Katrina, O'Mahony left her full-time job to care for her father, Guy DiPascal, who was diagnosed with lung cancer. DiPascal, a native and life long resident of New Orleans, encouraged O'Mahony to resume her passion for painting whimsical and happy scenes that would make the city remember their beloved pets while at the same time take positive steps to help raise money to support the many animals that are often left behind during disasters.

Chamain and her Minou

Hence, the three new Post-Catrina paintings. Fortunately, DiPascal lived to see the final paintings and O'Mahony has dedicated the Catrina prints in honor of her Dad and his wish to always pursue what she loves most dearly: her family, New Orleans and cats!

Creole Cat
Creole Cat, often referred to as "Minou", was born in the city of
New Orleans under the awning of Café du Monde on Mardi Gras. As any true New Orleanian, she was weaned from mama's milk to café au lait when she was just a petit minou.

Creole Cat possesses a very adventurous spirit thanks to her maw-maw and paw-paw who took her on daily excursions throughout the Crescent City. They visited the shops on Magazine
Street and in the Vieux Carré, and toured the historic New Orleans homes and cemeteries. Although Creole Cat and her family have occasionally been known to travel down the Bayou to a fais-do-do or to a Cajun festival, they are really city cats at heart.

Of course, cher, it goes without saying that Creole Cat is very proud of her Creole heritage. She boasts of her European descent and being a cat of color--she has the best of both worlds. She describes herself as being as culturally diverse as a rich, spicy gumbo. Like Chamain, she has never missed a Mardi Gras or a Jazz Fest and she just can't resist joining in to "second-line" in any passing parade. And in the Crescent City, there are parades to celebrate almost everything.

Creole Cat
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