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Brian Lukas

Brian Lukas is the Chief Photographer at WWL-TV in New Orleans. He has the distinction of being selected as the first Chief Photographer at WWL-TV, the top-rated CBS affiliate in Louisiana.

Just two weeks after Katrina he would be assigned coverage of another massive hurricane as it hit the Louisiana and Texas coastline - Hurricane Rita. Brian Captured some of the first broadcast images of Hurricane Rita slamming into the western coast of Louisiana.

Brian Lukas
For coverage of Hurricane Katrina and Rita, he was presented, along with other members of the news staff at WWL-TV, with three of the most prestigious awards in the broadcasting industry: the George Foster Peabody Award, the Alfred I. Dupont-Columbia University Awards, and the National Edward R. Murrow Award. Only a handful of other journalists has ever achieved this recognition. The judges cited his entry as the "Hands down winner…a courageous journalist who is also a compassionate human being." Brian would be the only member of the New Orleans Press Club to win in both the photographic and writing categories. Noted historian Douglas Brinkley would include excerpts of Brian’s journal in his acclaimed book “The Great Deluge”.
Brian has received several Emmy Award nominations. His first Emmy Award was presented for his cinematography and editing of "Rain Forest Connections", a documentary filmed in the South American Amazon Rain Forest. The documentary called attention to worldwide climate change and its impact along the vanishing Louisiana coast.

He was nominated for another Emmy Award for a documentary illustrating the nostalgia and romanticism of New Orleans. "Reflections" also won the Louisiana Associated Press photography award.

In 2004 Brian was nominated for an unprecedented four Emmy Awards for the Documentary he filmed along the Mississippi River - "Louisiana Purchase: A River’s Story". It was nominated in the categories of Documentary Program, Directing, Editing, and Camera. The documentary was produced coinciding with the anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase. Brian won the Emmy Award in the Camera Category for his photography
in "Louisiana Purchase: A River’s Story". He also won the New Orleans Press Club’s Best Documentary and the Louisiana Associated Press Cinematography award for "A River’s Story". The Museum of Broadcast Communication in Chicago has included a copy of the River Documentary in their prestigious collection of honored documentaries archived for the Peabody collection.

Brian has won the Silver Screen Award in the U. S. International Video and Film Festival and eleven national Telly awards for a two documentary productions filmed and produced in Indonesia, Australia and Singapore. He has numerous awards from the Associated Press, United Press International, and has dominated the New Orleans Press Club Awards, winning the first Presidents Award as Photographer of the Year, and then winning the award seven other times for an unprecedented eight years.

In Beirut, Lebanon,1983, Brian Lukas was part of a local news team covering the U.S. Marines and their peacekeeping mission. Brian would later write an account of his experiences in that war torn city – a city of death and almost complete destruction. The article, "Christmas In Beirut", appeared in the December 2003 issue of the New Orleans Magazine. The article focused on the situation the young Marines were faced with and the loneliness of the military being away from their families during this Christmas time. A Marine and former Beirut veteran, Adam Raphael, would request a copy of the article to post on his website dedicated to the U.S. Marines experience in Lebanon writing, "Your words describe the whole Beirut experience better than I ever could."

In South America, Brian was the only photographer to follow the Columbian Army through the mountains and suburbs of Madellin as they invaded the city searching for Pablo Escobar and the leaders of the Medellin drug cartel. This event coincided with Presidents Bush attending the historic meeting with Colombian government officials in Cartegena for a drug intervention summit.

Brian Lukas would receive other Edward R. Murrow awards for a series of reports focusing on the environmental and political changes that have transformed the regions of Southern Africa.

For a Documentary produced in Rome, on the papacy of Pope John Paul II entitled, ”Apostle To The World”, he received the National Regional Radio and Television New Director Award.

In Washington D.C. Brian received the National Kidney
Foundations Award for a special medial program. The series, "A Gift Of Life", centered on the lives and emotions of four members in the same family as they reached the crucial decision regarding organ donation within the family group.

Brian Lukas would return to Washington D.C. to film a poignant and moving photo essay illustration a group of Louisiana Vietnam Veterans participation in the 1982 Vietnam Memorial dedication ceremony in Washington D.C. This local coverage of an historical event won him special recognition from the National Chapter of the Vietnam Leader ship program, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, a first place in the photographic essay category from the Louisiana Associated Press and the New Orleans Press Club.

Brian also won first place in the still photography competition in the Jack Swanson photographic competition. His infrared photography images
submitted won first place in the special photography category held by the St. Tammany Parish Art Association. He has produced other hand tinted infrared images from countries such as Spain, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Africa, Canada, and the United States.
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