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Bob Compton

Robert Curran Compton is a master of location photography and natural light. Bob uses his eye and his heart to create beautiful images from Puget Sound to Costa Rica, to the Ozark Mountains and the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. His works hang in galleries all over the south and in private collections all over the world, including one on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bob is able to use his vast reservoir of personal and occupational experience to give great depth and feel to his photographs.
Robert Curran Compton

Before surrendering to the seduction of art photography, Bob had a wide variety of jobs including: United States Senate Page, Media Sales, Advertising Agency Co-Principal, Political Action Committee Fund-Raiser, Event Coordinator, Carpenter, Offshore Oil Rig Roustabout, Securities Sales, Auto Sales, Men's Clothing Sales, Trade Association Sales, Political Consultant, Independent Contractor and Criminal Defense Investigator.

An immensely talented fine art photographer, Bob now makes his living providing his "you are there" photographic style to the corporate world under the name Captured Light.

Bob Compton's Photographs
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