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Ann Guccione was born and raised in New Orleans where Carnival was always a magical time of the year. Halloween was fun, but during Mardi Gras, the toys were better and the people were stranger. Her family would always stay in the French Quarter where she learned how much fun masking could be for everyone no matter their gender, age and socio-economic class. Masks really help you become who and whatever you want to be. Ann Guccione

Ann began making masks in 1993 when she began apprenticing under Mike Stark, the renowned feather mask-maker. She has now developed her own style, though many say they can still see a bit of Mike's work in her masks. Ann earned a degree in psychology, which she feels helps not only in the creation of masks, but also in helping people decide what mask best suits who they are or who they want to be. Ann and her sister, Laura, own their French Quarter Shop on Dumaine Street situated among the other eclectic and interesting entrepreneurs who inhabit the block.

Ann and Laura Guccione
Ann & Laura Guccione

Ann Guccione's Masks